Although worms are beneficial for the garden, they can be a real problem in the lawn, producing surface worm casts. If the casts are left they may be squashed flat with your mower or underfoot creating an uneven surface, smothering the grass and providing a seedbed for weeds to grow in.

Casting worms do not like acidic soils, so when a soil acidifier is applied to the lawn they will burrow deeper into the soil without coming to any harm whatsoever — reducing casts on the surface.

Greenacres Direct produce two products to increase acidity and suppress casting worm activity; SulphurLawn Chips & SulphurLawn Spray-on

Prevention is always better than a cure and we recommend that an application of either product is made before casts become a problem. An acidic soil will also ensure a healthy lawn as plant nutrients are made more readily available, resulting in better vibrancy and growth.

Sulphurlawn Chips
A special mini granular formulation designed specifically for acidifying the soil under the lawn. Apply at two monthly intervals to create the ideal lawn soil acidity. Always water in after applying during drier weather

Application: 15grms per square metre
Ideal for larger lawns = SulphurLawn Spray-On

The special water-on formulation SulphurLawn Spray-on makes it ideal for smaller lawns. It has all the benefits of SulphurLawns Chips - including acidifying the soil and making nutrients more available. It can be applied every two to four weeks to maintain soil acidity. Our new formulation is now easier, more convenient to use and just as effective. Simply sprinkle the product into water and apply.

Application Rate: 100g added to 4.5 litres water to treat 20sq metres SulphurLawn Chips & SulphurLawn spray-on does not harm worms or wildlife

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