Sulphurlawn Spray-on

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Water-on formulation for acidifying soil under lawns. A minimum of four applications is recommended in autumn and spring.
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Sulphurlawn Spray-on is a special water-on formulation designed specifically for acidifying the soil in the spring and autumn and is ideal for the smaller lawn. It is recommended the soil is aerated (solid or hollow tined) and dressed with coarse sand to aid penetration into the turf surface. Nutrients are made more available to the grass resulting in better colour, vibrancy and growth. Further applications may be made at two to four weekly intervals to create the ideal lawn acidity of between 5.5 and 6.5 pH. Sulphurlawn Spray-on DOES NOT harm worms or wildlife. With our brand new unique formulation all you now have to do is sprinkle the sulphur directly into water and stir. There is no need to fiddle-around mixing the sulphur powder to a paste, before adding to a volume of water, and then stirring. The new dispersible powder formulation is far simpler and more convenient to use, but just as effective. Treatment Area: 100g with 4.5 ltrs of water will cover 20 sq m(24 sq yd) Ideal time for use: Apply when casting worms are active. Normally spring & autumn. Repeat applications may be required if on alkaline or high vegetive soils.
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4.33 (Votes: 3)
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  • Pimmy
    Jul 30, 2020, 08:43
    They just love it - come out and fiest on it pooping everywhere, more than ever. Saying that, I have tried pretty much anything to a point of ruining the actual grass - nothing works.

    I'd suggest get a cat and install a bird feeder..
    Greenacres Direct
    Aug 25, 2020, 09:17
    Dear Pimmy

    Thank you for the review, Sulphur Lawn Spray-on works in two ways, it either encourages the works to move down through the soil profile due to the fact that worms do not like an acidic soil or they come to the surface. If they come to the surface then they are available to be either brushed up and put onto your garden borders or they are harvested by the bird population.

    I am glad to hear the product is working as it should