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The remedy for dry patches on lawns that don’t seem to recover after watering or rainy periods. Satugran is a granular lawn wetting agent which helps water spread evenly over the soil to maintain consistent moisture saturation over the lawn to avoid dry areas and promote even growth.

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Are you noticing dry areas on your lawn that don’t seem to recover after watering or rainy periods? If so are not alone, as our climate warms periods of excessive heat are increasingly common and this creates problems for our lawns.

99% of lawns were often laid on substandard growing medium i.e. subsoil, clay or a minimum of topsoil for the lawn to grow in. As the temperature increases, the top layer of soil heats up and dries and eventually becomes anaerobic. A common problem due to a waxy buildup of organic material on the soil particles (this process causes the organisms to retract and go dormant, not releasing their nutrients and water to the plant) and so the grass starts to wilt.

When irrigation is applied or by means of rainfall this water does not filter down to hydrate the soil but washes off the surface into areas where it is not required. Applying fertilisers to the lawn in such anaerobic conditions could be fruitless as the fertiliser would not permeate the soil and instead sit on the soil surface and nutrients would not be available to the grass plant.

Satugran is a granular wetting agent which helps water spread laterally throughout the soil profile giving maximum stress relief to the grass and reducing vital grass loss. For a wetting agent to work well on the lawn you require a carrier, Saturgran carrier is zeolite; the characterises of zeolite are that it is able to absorb products hold onto them and then release the wetting agent to the grass once applied and after irrigation occurs.

Satugran has been formulated so it is easy and clean to apply, for best results apply to the complete lawn in spring and further applications throughout the summer months (every 90 days). No aeration is required - apply either by hand or through a fertiliser spreader at 25grms per sq metre (1kg covers 40sq metres). Once irrigation has occurred the wetting agent will release from the zeolite and penetrate the soil enabling water and nutrients to be available to the plant.

Treatment Area: 1 kilo covers 40sq mts

Ideal time for use: Spring and throughout summer

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