About us

Greenacres Direct was formed over 30 years ago as a mail-order catalogue business. Over the years the company evolved and with the advent of the internet, we became a web-based business. As a company, we are always developing new products and improving our existing product range.

Hello, I am Nick and I have personally been in the horticultural industry for over 25 years advising clients on grass seed, chemical application, soil improvements and the benefits of various types of fertilisers.

Over that time, I have seen many changes within the industry; chemical application has been reduced and many have been banned. Fertilisers have changed with the advent of controlled-release fertilisers has meant less leaching within the soil and the reintroduction of trace elements within the fertiliser mixes.

I have also seen the changes in grass seed mixtures to the effect of seeing micro white clover being added to grass seed mixtures to help with Nitrogen fixing the soil to help with grass establishment, in the early days white clover was classed as a weed!

I have always believed in providing products that have a strong ethos and integrity that worked effectively but with no detrimental environmental effect on; individuals, wildlife or the environment.

If you have any questions about your garden please do not hesitate to contact us.