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Our products have been developed using the latest horticultural technology to save you both time and money, while providing long-term benefits - and great results. For over 20 years we've specialised in supplying professional products to home and contractual gardeners.

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Remedy for dry patches on lawns

Are you noticing dry areas on your lawn that don’t seem to recover after watering or rainy periods? If so are not alone, as our climate warms periods of excessive heat are increasingly common and this creates problems for our lawns.

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Choosing the best Rose Fertiliser

A rose is the best plant in the garden or are we biased!? Quality rose plants can be expensive to purchase and require a bit of TLC to ensure they look their best. Rose care starts from the beginning, with a well-drained compost or soil, positioned in a sunny spot. We may water on a regular basis but how often is feeding roses forgotten?

Fertilisers - A Gardeners' Guide

What is the best fertiliser to use in your garden? In this article, we discuss the four main types of fertilisers, their benefits and considerations for the gardener.

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